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RainMaker2 with ClimateSmart™ Solar Irrigation Pumps - SunCulture

Rain Maker Sun Culture

Synopsis RainMaker2 with Climate Smart is the most affordable. practical, and intelligent solar-powered irrigation solution on the market RainMaker2 can pump up to 3000 an hour from water sources up to 70m deep ensuring a steady supply of water for forming and household needs. The highly efficient Climate Smart energy management system can also power lights and phone charging with an optional TV add on.

All-in-One Solar Generator

Synopsis An all-in-one household power generator to provide color power for agro-dealers. The need of constant electricity for preserving medication and food service providers is a severe necessity Our All In-One Generator combines the use of Gnd and Solar Energy to charge high-end batteries.

ClimateSmart™ Direct

An optimized irrigation solution for up to 1 acre farm


  • Submersible Pump

  • 50M Electric Cable

  • ClimateSmart Direct Controller

  • 310W Solar Panel

  • 50M (25MM) HDPE Pipe & necessary fittings

RainMaker2 with ClimateSmart™ Battery

Powered by 444Wh, 15Ah Lithium Ion Battery equivalent to 100Ah Lead Acid Battery Maximum head is 65m/210ft, Optimized irrigation solution for up to 2 acre farm.


  • Submersible pump

  • 50M electric cable

  • ClimateSmart Battery

  • 310W Roof Mounted Solar Panel or 160W Portable Panel

  • 100M (25mm) HDPE Pipe

  • 4 sprinklers, necessary fittings

  • 4 LED Lights

  • 2 USB charging ports

Brands we work with

ClimateSmart™ Battery + TV

Powered by 444Wh, 15Ah Lithium Ion Battery equivalent to 100Ah Lead Acid Battery with 3 times capacity of competitor systems; enabling TV runtime of 20+ hours.


  • 444Wh ClimateSmart™ Battery

  • TV runtime of 20+ hours

  • 310W solar panel

  • 32” Digital LED TV

  • 600 lumen LED bulbs

Surface pump

  • Pump power = 900W

  • Max Head=10meter

  • Max flow Rate =23m3/h

  • solar panal (PV)=1kW

  • S&D pipe size =50mm

  • Application =Irrigation, Livestock and fish farming


  • Surface pump with 20 meters maximum pumping head and a maximum suction head of 7 meters.

  • Suitable for direct pumping to sprinkler or drip irrigation systems

  • Up to 3200 liters per hour with recommended SunCulture ClimateSmart Direct systems

  • 24V Brushless DC motor with 10 year lifetime

  • Portable and low touch for self-installation

  • Application:  for irrigation, livestock, and household water supply

We prioritize the continued search and engagement with partners in our operations. We are exploring and discussing partnerships with professionals, Government organizations, International manufacturing companies, NGOs, and suppliers. Most of our engagements have proven to be successful. 


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