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Recent Events

Previous Activities 


Continued Groundwork and Visits:

Multiple visits to Fogera and Robit woreda (Amhara region), to continue and understand the problem of small land holders and improve design of the business model.


Expanding Product Portfolio

Solar Village is actively engaged in the scouting and testing of reliable solar technologies. The company has identified reliable partners and suppliers with high quality products. We continue to engage our beneficiaries with frequent travels to our target Woredas and assessing their progress.


Established Professional Team

A strong team established with qualified expertise and experience in the sector. The team studied and proposed the entire requirements of the first pilot project, including the water requirement, source, soll type, crop type, sun hours, farmers’ purchasing power and solar water pump specifications.


Implementation of Solar Water Pump


Installation of Solar Panels on Selected Agro Dealers Sites.


Installation of Solar Water Pump



Solar Pump Installation

Installing solar powered water pumps in Oromia region Gefersa.


Solar Pump Installation

Installation of solar powered pumps in oromia region, Jimma.


Solar Powered Pump Implementation 

Solar Powered water pump implementation and pumping water from the source.

Upcoming Projects 

Oromia Region, Bishoftu

Jabdu and Solar Village teams in discussion about solar water pumping system assembling.

Solar assembly Plant at Bishoftu, Oromia

  • Water well drilling to help the farmers at large scale.

  • To reduce the diesel pump and accelerate the development of solar pump. 

  • Decided to import, different size of solar water system in a very near future and assemble and manufacture it in the long ran.

  • Agreed to solve problem both in small- and large-scale irrigation system.

Oromia Region, Shaggar city,


Implementing integrated farming at Shaggar city, Gelan Guda sub city of Jawwee locality. The integrated farming includes commercial faming for export, poultry, fish pond, excellence center for capacity building of the surrounding farmers, apiculture, dairy and others.

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